Verified Views that accurately visual your designs

A great tool for Planners to visualise how the proposal will appear in context, before construction. These images are technically correct and are proven at Public Inquiry.

Visualising buildings and landscapes...

We can model structures and landforms from DTM or point cloud data...

Verified Views / AVRs for Public Inquiry

We work to methodologies proven at Public Inquiry.

Tomo Graphics Ltd have over 25 years experience in the field of visualisation and digital graphics.

We have vast experience of accurately visualising all types of proposals including buildings, roads, bridges, landforms, renewable energy schemes, golf courses, transport infrastructure and mineral extraction. Our clients include Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners, Engineers, renewable energy companies, mineral extraction companies, garden designers and the general public.

Trust us to accurately visualise your scheme using the latest technical guidelines

All Verified View / visualisation work complies with the Landscape Institutes Technical Advice Note 01/11 Photography and Photomontage in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and Landscape Institute GLVIA3: Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, 3rd Edition, April 2013 and guidelines set out in the London View Management Framework. Windfarm Visualisations follow Scottish National Heritage's (SNH) Visual Representation of Windfarms (2014) and/or The Highland Council Visualisation Standards for Wind Energy Developments (2013)
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